Chavis Chance – Bluebonnet Trail

Bluebonnet Trail” is the latest single from American singer-songwriter Chavis Chance. From Plano, Texas, Chavis currently ersides in Spain, and calls himself a ‘hippie at heart’. Known for creating music that broadens along the lines of folk, rock and tinges of soul. Telling the story of coming home after being away for a while and changing a sort of perspective, ‘Bluebonnet Trail‘ was entirely self-recorded and produced by Chavis from his apartment in Valencia.

β€œBluebonnet Trail Elementary was actually the name of my first school, and this whole song was largely inspired by the realization that whatever good memories you might have about a place, you can’t ever really go back. One night in my first year of college I drove to that old neighborhood thinking it’d be fun to see what it looked like now and it was a surprisingly sad and empty experience. I remember thinking β€˜I guess I’m grown up now.’ – Chavis Chance

Warming and straight from the heart, ‘Bluebonnet Trail’ journeys along the correct path for this incredible songwriter.


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