Eleri Angharad – Staircase (Review)

Swansea based country artist Eleri Angharad releases the cinematic video for single “Staircase”. The track is the latest single off Eleri’s debut album “Earthbound” which has been streamed in excess of 12,000 times across Spotify since it’s release. Impressive numbers for an independent artist, the numbers are growing with an excess of 4,000 monthly listeners. As a huge talent within the UK country music scene, the artist has several European tours under her belt. Filmed in The Hyst, one of Eleri’s favourite home-town music venues, the sensational music video is breathtaking. 

The song is all about falling fast and hard for someone before you even really know them – a sentiment many listeners will be familiar with; “Staircase is all about that moment you catch eyes with someone and your mind goes into overdrive imagining a whole lifetime set out. It’s about falling incredibly fast for someone and never knowing whether it’s real or all in your head”, Eleri states. The ‘Staircase’ video bring the track to life thanks to the stunning filmography from Morris James Blanco of MJ Motion Films. Speaking of the official video’s treatment, Eleri Angharad says: “For the video I wanted to go with the concept of returning to the place you met someone the next day, in broad daylight and wondering whether you dreamt it all.

Stream the single, album and video now! 

Score: 3/5

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EleriAngharadMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImEleriAngharad
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eleriangharad

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