AO ft Mondo Cozmo – Fall on Me (Review)

LA-based songwriter AO returns with her new single & video “Fall On Me” featuring the vocals of Mondo Cozmo. AO signifies both the beginning and the end, and is Aria Pullma-Ostrander’s muse that allows her to stretch boundaries and slash genres. Born out of the late night sessions of the songwriter, AO signifies both the beginning and the end. Perfectly balancing between a sweet nostalgia and a sound pallet of desire, the harmonies that Mondo and Aria blend together are dreamy and contagious. 

“Fall On Me” was written within the magical desert landscape of Joshua Tree while Mondo Cozmo was finishing his latest record, Plastic Soul. “We wrote it in one night, and the lyrics came even faster,” explains AO on the song. “It’s funny how that happens sometimes. Beautiful symmetry and the stars align. We tried to give it a very vintage feel by recording it live. It very much reminds me of the Nicks / Henley tune ‘Leather and Lace’ which makes me super proud because I am a HUGE Stevie fan.”

Downbeat but holding your attention throughout it’s memorable core, the ambition of the track can lift anyone’s spirit up. Nudging towards the duo’s influences, the polished production gives the vintage sounding track a fresh face. With your head in the reminiscing clouds, the feel and melancholiness has the power to heal any deep wounds. 

Score: 3.5/5


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