Chloé Caroline – Forgive Me (Review)

Pop artist Chloé Caroline transports us back to the nostalgic 90s and 00s with her brand new mesmerising single “Forgive Me”. Showcasing the singer-songwriter doing what she does best, Chloé’s ability to blend emotive lyrics with a beautiful instrumentation gives it that defining Country twang. Pulling at the heartstrings as her smooth vocals take the limelight, the track draws inspiration to fellow female icons Taylor Swift and Sheryl Crow. With a bag full of ingredients for the ballad, the catchy melody in the number is an infectious moment throughout the track. 

Forgive Me” tells the story about perfectionism, expectation and mental health struggles. Written on a day where Chloé felt grey, the reassurance of ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ gently brushes the gloom away from the track. Simply being human with no pressure to be yourself, the songwriter leaves her heart on her sleeve while the instrumentation comforts the grey. With more singles due for release and a tour throughout 2019, there’s also talks about an upcoming album. Hoping this is true? You can keep up to date with Chloé on her socials at the bottom of this feature.

Score: 3.5/5


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