Rebekah Hawker – Careful Women (Review)

Country-Folk singer songwriter Rebekah Hawker resides in Barrie, Ontario, and draws influences from artists such as Kathleen Edwards, Joni Mitchell and Patsy Cline to name a few. Hot off the press, her debut EP is now ours to share. Entitled “Careful Women”, featuring powerful lyrics and a musical presence like no other, the debut is a strong awakening for the songwriter. Using beautiful melodies that will haunt you for days, the first release is one that will always be a special part in Rebekah’s glowing career that’s to come.

Round of Fools’ kicks the EP off with a statement that you must listen. Reaching over 12,000 streams on Spotify since it’s release, the first track is simply a push in the right direction. Americana that holds an infectious melody will always spark a few ears up, but with the modern day arrangement and production, this track features a contemporary face while sticking to it’s old familiar roots.

Catch You’ keeps the same mood as the first track. Flowing together to create a warming journey, the subject of the song tells the story of what seems to be about holding onto something that needs setting free. “I’m a free bird in motion, you’re a praying’ man with no devotion” showcases two partners who seem the opposite of one another. Feeling quite sad but with a sense of independence, lyrically this track is an emotional rollercoaster, musically, it’s energy is running low, just like the lyrics. A perfect blend of feelings in a song that will capture your mind. 

Based towards more of the country avenue then Americana, ‘Don’t Be a Stranger” is fragile in the way that’s it’s purely vulnerable and craving a positive outcome of the yearning. Short and sweet, the track longs for attention from the ‘stranger’ and it feels like an old age poem. With a different structure, the track doesn’t feature a chorus, leaving the audience slightly clueless but wanting more. A sudden end to finish the track, when do we get to hear Don’t Be a Stranger part 2, Rebekah? 

Kempenfelt Bay’ sparkles the atmosphere with a glorious amount of harmonies. As the last song on the EP, it’s a gentle farewell but hopefully not for long. Gentle but holding onto a slightly more positive outlook, the summery number sticks to the mid-beat tempo that the EP holds. Looking forward to hearing where Rebekah’s songwriting may lead too, she has one hell of a vocal range as I’m sure we can all agree. 

Score: 8/10


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