The Yalla Yallas – Outsider (Review)

Punk Rock outfit The Yalla Yallas reside in Leeds. Formed in 2008, they’ve got a comfortable discography behind them. Here with their first release in two years, “Outsider” is a fist pump in the air album that should be played at high levels. 

“Run” ignites the spark in the album with it’s energetic approach to an introduction. Including guitar solos and a warm production, what’s not to like about this number? “Borrowed Heart” features an identifiable punk sound that’s filled with a powerful message. It’s the type of track that you’ll be dancing round your bedroom to in no time, or even better, at one of the band’s live shows!

“Another Day In Hell” keeps on with the spirit of the previous track. Rhythmical vocals play a prominent part of the song. Even though the vocals are slightly out of key, the imperfection of it makes it feel so much more human. It’s about being in a relationship that you can’t get out of. Sad subject with an uplifting sound to it. Liking how it’s opposite and kind of off-putting. “Problems” is filled with adrenaline and it’s a classic punk sing a long. There’s not really much to say about it as a whole without saying the words ‘wow, awesome or brilliant’, because it really is all of those. It’s the production that really makes it feel ‘live’ and it’ll definitely be a crowdpleaser.

“I Got Nothing” gives off ‘James’ Sit Down’ vibes. The beautifully sung backing vocals in the chorus make the mix feel that more personal. Everybody’s got a heart to bruise, except me.. I Got Nothing… what a powerful lyric! “Walking in the Rain” is a sudden change in the album that I felt was needed slightly. We’ve heard the band at their peak with their punk nature, but hearing them in a slow tempo number really puts the cherry on top of the wonderful album. Is there anything this band can’t do?

“Blackpool (Feeling So Alive)” hints a rock and roll vibe but not as upbeat as the previous numbers. It keeps on with the acoustic feel before taking a turn halfway through to it’s charismatic uplifting roots. “Somewhere Anywhere” proves that imperfections really can be perfections. The slightly out of key vocals feature again that remind me of Billy Idol doing country-punk… it really is THAT cool! 

“Murder, Baby!” and “Devil” probably my least favourites on the album because it feels like it’s been done before and better on previous tracks. Nevertheless, if you love fast paced country punk, you’ll love this! “Into the Future” is a climatic part of the album. A fantastic goodbye to a great album. It’s like Primal Scream had a jam with The Rolling Stones and created this wonderful sound.

Score: 7/10


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