Binky – Drug In My Head (Review)

binky.jpgLondon-based singer songwriter Binky blends a unique mix of country with mainstream pop in latest single “Drug In My Head”. Rising star of the country scene, the songwriter showcases an upbeat personality throughout the latest single. Moving swiftly towards the summer, it’s a perfect track to add to your playlist to get you in the mood for warm weather, that will hopefully come! 

You can hear a mixture of Katy Perry vibes in Binky’s arrangement and it’s fair to see after she stated that Katy is one of her all time favourite artists. The most prominent and fun part of the song has to be its infectious chorus. I first listened to Drug In My Head last week and not gonna lie, it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Not complaining though, it’s structured well and has a killer groove. Hearing a songwriter reaching for the stars and knowing that they’re going to get the recognition that they deserve is the best. Knowing that Binky is motivated to be the best version of herself is inspirational in itself. Lovely melody throughout the single and she’s gained a new fan in me. 

Score: 3/5

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