The Tenmours – Maze (Review)

Formed in December 2013 by Alex Johnston-Seymour & Ross Tennant, the talented songwriting duo became an important part in Folk Fusion. Folk fusion is fused with folk, rock and world music – all genres that will definitely get your feet stomping and your jaws dropping. They’re known for creating a true energetic experience at their live shows. I haven’t yet seen The Tenmours play yet, but that will definitely change this year. “Maze” was released back in October 2018 and the band, joined by their additional session fiddle player, are definitely in store for a bright 2019. 

What it means, never scared “Moving On.” This song has a sense of freedom and contentment in the way that it’s a shrug to whomever the band are moving on from. A strong song to kick off the EP sees the band gelling harmonies together to create this big fusion of influences. It’s like Mumford & Sons, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley & Seth Lakeman all dipped their powers into this magic cauldron and created The Tenmours.

“No Place Like Home” is a different path towards traditional folk. The world music side really does shine in this song. A beautiful arrangement surrounds the depths of this dark track. It’s the type of song that you’d jam or even dance round a campfire with your friends. Three quarters through the track, the percussion is changed to a straight beat with the song being at his loudest. Wonderfully crafted song with Jeff Buckley-esque vocals at times. 

Sitting half way through the EP is “Lady of Gold.” A softer song to the rest of the tracks until we reach the half way point, leading us back to their Folk Fusion roots. The first half of the song is somewhat heavenly, making us feel like we’re soaring through the sky. There hasn’t been a bad song on this EP so far and I don’t think there will be one either. The band are able to put all their personal experiences and beliefs into their own compositions, if that’s not talent, god knows what it is. 

Title track on the EP “Maze” is heavenly influenced by Eastern music. One of the tracks that was posted as a video on the pledge campaign for the EP. This Maze is another avenue for the band to find and another path to explore. With Robert Plant like vocals, this song is like an acoustic track off Zeppelin 3: downbeat yet powerful. The isolation in this track and the parts that are just silence are tense, leaving us wanting more. Another great song off a great EP.

A heavy pluck of a guitar string begins “Escape of the Naturist.” It’s a warming drone that begins another great Tenmours track. They definitely have their own original sound that’s influenced by not only music, but influenced by own stories and things around them. This is probably my least favourite track on the EP, nevertheless, the song is strong and is definitely for fans of; Seth Lakeman, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake. A strong EP for The Tenmours, hope to catch one of their live shows soon.

Favourite Tracks: Moving On, No Place Like Home, Lady of Gold, Maze

Score: 7.5/10

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  1. My family and I love the band and music, they are wonderful hard working young adults. If you think the EP is good they will blow you away live as they did us. You can’t help but get into the music and they leave you wanting more. We just need a full album now please x


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