Crosslight – Road to Recovery (Review)

Distorted guitars, harsh bass lines and drum patterns, Crosslight‘s music is full of angst. The band formed in early 2016 and have already toured around the UK. As well as playing shows, the band have spent a lot of time in the studio recording their debut album¬†“Road to Recovery.”¬†¬†The album was released on the 6th May 2018, and I’m finally getting round to sitting down and reviewing it. Crosslight are energetic and so passionate about their work and it completely shines through every word and chord. Their live shows showcase their talent to audiences through the ages and it certainly leaves people wanting more. The band consists of

The first track, “Recovery”¬†begins with what sounds like a heart monitor in a hospital, sneakily involving the background noise of a waiting room. Before we know it, the song transitions into track number two;¬†“Run Into Flowers.”¬†This song has had a really good reception so far from fans with reaching over 1,000 plays on Spotify. Lead singer,¬†Charlotte’s¬†voice compliments the song also sounding heavily influenced from¬†Hayley Williams¬†of¬†Paramore.¬†Musically, the track is fast and upbeat, giving the album a good start off. Hopefully the momentum sticks all the way throughout. I find the guitar tone slightly a bit generic and not very creative for a pop metal song, but it still suits the song well. If you’re a fan of the nu-metal scene in the noughties, you probably will like this track.

“Clockwork”¬†tells the story of what feels like a battle with a mental illness with this lyric indicating the struggle;¬†“I’ve had enough, I’ll rid the curse be normal again.”¬†Metal is hard to not fall into the category of sounding all the same because of its aggresion and similar rhythmical guitar patterns, but¬†Charlotte¬†really draws you in to listen to the story. I feel that the repetition of this track makes it actually more original.

The fourth track on the album,¬†“Time Wasted”¬†is a bit more electronic to begin with, adding another influence into¬†Crosslight’s¬†inspirations. It’s a short song which adds strength to embark on the next song¬†“Karma.”¬†Now, this song is heavy and deals with angst from, well,¬†karma.¬†What goes around comes around honey, we’ve all gone through it, wherever we’re watching someone go through karma or going through it ourselves. I find that the song itself has the same attitude of shrugging your shoulders, it’s simply put as a care free nature of¬†“Whatever!”¬†The chorus lyrics aren’t quite the normal, metal lyrics you’d get, it’s more of an¬†Avril Lavigne¬†tone which is really different.¬†“You run around oh so careless honey, karma’s gonna catch up soon, I’m done with you.”¬†The rhythm is slightly different compared to the other tracks on the album, but it still has a similar vibe to it all. Strongest track on he album so far for me.

“Fighting for What?¬†falls into the same attitude as everything else so far, and as a listener, I’m longing for another influence in the band’s music to make it slightly more original. The drums are so programmed which makes the song feel forced. I think the band were definitely aiming towards an angry, powerful album instead of the music actually being more¬†felt,¬†which is definitely not a negative thing, it’s just a personal preference. I really admire the band for striving for something and getting the product done the way they wanted it.

Overdriven bass played by Daniel¬†begins the next song¬†“Poison”¬†which creates a tone that¬†Chris Wolstenholme¬†defines in¬†Muse.¬†I feel that the song doesn’t dynamically go anywhere, it stays the same throughout. I’d really like to hear¬†Charlotte¬†sing different phrases/tones to make the songs slightly more interesting, but saying that, I do like the angry attitude in her voice. At the very end of the song, it’s really interesting how everything just completely stops and there’s just a slightly delay that comes after from¬†Charlotte’s¬†voice making it sound confusing as if there’s more to come, but there’s not… clever.

“100,000 Miles”¬†begins with a ukulele which was very unexpected seeing as the album is so angry. The song does have a rhythmical metal sounding guitar part by Luke¬†come swiftly in after the first verse, making the band go back to their roots. I think the band tried to make this a folk-metal track with the soft string instruments sitting in the back, but it doesn’t work as well as planned I personally think. I’ve noticed that in most of the songs on the album, it feels very stiff and mixed to the¬†grid¬†making it sound somewhat robotic. This is used a-lot in heavy metal music as it does add more power to the songs.

A heavy¬†prog-esque¬†riff dominates¬†“Submerge”¬†and automatically I thought to myself¬†“this is more like it.”¬†The tone is scary and makes you instantly want to move in someway, wherever it may be a foot twitch or a head bang. The guitar tone sounds similar to the sound that¬†Queens of the Stone Age¬†implicated on¬†Songs for the Deaf,¬†which is always a great compliment. I like how the band bring their own flavouring to this prog based song. It’s definitely my favourite on the album for sure.

“Just a Kiss”¬†features¬†Amal Birch,¬†a freestyle rap artist. The song definitely has an influence of what Jay Z captured with¬†99 Problems;¬†the rap rock element. The rap itself from¬†Amal¬†feels a bit too fixed and I really wish it was a bit more loose. The words are really well thought out though and fit the topic well. With the programmed drums, it’s just not quite as powerful as this song should be. I could be completely wrong about the drums being programmed, but the mix sounds like they have been edited quite a lot. I’m sure this song live will be really great to listen to with drummer, Joe, laying down some juicy drum fills. I feel that the topic of the track is about simply having a kiss with someone in, maybe a club, well that’s what it sounds like.

Once again, the next song doesn’t really go anywhere, and sometimes when that happens, it doesn’t take me to a place. Whereas songs that have a strong momentum all the way through, it makes people shift to another place where they can really relate to the song. Saying that, in¬†“B.A.C.K”, you can feel the energy that the band bring in their music, they really do live for this stuff. One thing that people look for in new bands are charisma, talent & passion,¬†Crosslight¬†certainly do have that.

The guitars in¬†“Kingdom is Mine”¬†aren’t quite quantised to the same tempo as the drums in some parts making the guitars sound unfinished and sort of out of time. This song is once again nu-metal down to a tee. I feel the influences behind this song are¬†Halestorm¬†and¬†Evanescence¬†with all three bands having a strong female vocal. I like the path that the band go down with their music but like I’ve said before, it’s not really my personal preference to listen too.

Next up is actually an acoustic number,¬†Charlotte¬†sings¬†“Drive On”¬†with an American twang making it show that¬†her voice is versatile and can sing through genres. This folk number feels slightly forced still and the harsh drum editing is more obvious than before as this song is so soft. I feel that the cymbals being played, more a less constantly make the song sound a bit messy. Overall though, the song is sweet and is also the longest track on the whole album.

The last track on the album “I’m Not Done”¬†isn’t really a stand out track as much as the last of an album should be. The song does cover the band’s genre as a whole and connects the songs altogether to fit a nice pattern for the album. If you’re a fan of¬†My Chemical Romance, The Used, Tonight Alive,¬†then you should definitely check¬†Crosslight¬†out.¬† The band cover a wide range of influences in their music and make them fresh. The songs are good and the talent shines. Interested to see where the band may take their music in their next releases…

Favourite Tracks: Recovery, Run Into Flowers, Clockwork, Time Wasted, Karma, Submerge.

Score: 6.5/10

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