2019 Singles

Drop Down Smiling – Profiles (Review)

Based in the West Midlands, Drop Down Smiling are a quartet situating within the alternative rock genre. Basing their music around the rock core, they have an element of electronica through synthesisers in latest single “Profiles”. With the feeling that this track is about the depths of social media and how people can hide behind… Continue reading Drop Down Smiling – Profiles (Review)

2019 Singles

Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)

Manchester based rock collective Dalmas are back with their latest single “In Too Deep”. It dropped on the 14th of June and has already received major praise from big names in the music industry. Collecting their stadium rock sound over time, the 90’s fused track compliments the band in a new light. With a wide… Continue reading Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)

2019 Singles

Miss June – Best Girl (Review)

Based in New Zealand, Miss June have just returned from supporting Idles all around NZ and just announced they’ve signed to Frenchkiss Records. It’s safe to say that the band are getting the recognition that they truly deserve. “Best Girl” is their latest experiment that sounds like The Breeders had a lovechild with Sonic Youth.… Continue reading Miss June – Best Girl (Review)

2019 Singles

JOG – Driftwood (Review)

Released Friday 10th May via Sun Turtle Records, please welcome Gerald James aka JOG. Here with his debut EP ‘Driftwood’, the four track EP was recorded straight to tape by David McAulay (Mogwai, King Creosote), and mastered by Joseph Carra (King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard). From just saying those names in the same sentence,… Continue reading JOG – Driftwood (Review)

2019 Singles

Marble Tides – Little Lies (Review)

Marble Tides are a collective from Bournemouth combining a cinematic soundscape of Indie Rock and Alternative Rock to create their original vision. Known for being a band that match their live shows with studio quality, their sound is described as a blend of 'The Smiths meets The Editors’.  With a blooming contract of thick layers… Continue reading Marble Tides – Little Lies (Review)

2019 Singles

Standing Like Statues – Forest (Review)

Alternative Rock quintet Standing Like Statues are located in Cambridgeshire. Back with their first single after a short hiatus, the wait was definitely worth it. Bringing forward the highly anticipated “Forest”, we get to hear the band in a more mellow atmosphere. Known for energetic and adrenaline pumped live performances, the latest single features the… Continue reading Standing Like Statues – Forest (Review)

2019 Singles

R G Acoustic – Political (Review)

Multi instrumentalist Robert Garbett has been writing music for numerous years as a therapeutic process with dealing with life issues. As a true songwriter, he writes his feelings down and portrays them exactly through the music. Taking influence from a whole string of genres, you really can hear the grunge side of Robert in his latest… Continue reading R G Acoustic – Political (Review)

2019 Singles

Far Suns Fall – Patient (Review)

Last year saw the release of Far Suns Fall single “Shape of the World" from their upcoming debut album “Aphelion.” I really enjoyed sitting back and reviewing their track, as it was full of grit and edge. Now returning with their latest single, they’re keeping the energy big. For those that don’t know, the band… Continue reading Far Suns Fall – Patient (Review)

2018 Singles

Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

An electric influence of Blues, Grunge, and Alternative rock music is secured with GoLoud Records band Far Suns Fall. They released their first single "Shape of the World" from debut album “Aphelion” (due for release in April) back in November. With the debut album still to be released, the band are generating a strong fan base. Combining all their… Continue reading Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

A music project created by Brad Hunter, Tiger Bay, as he had so many new musical ideas that he didn’t feel were being fulfilled in his path at the time. Part of the Cardiff’s music scene, you could say his latest release “Sesh. Love. Sun. Style” is a concept EP, each song showcases each element. "I wrote this E.P… Continue reading Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style