2019 Singles

HAWXX – The Lie (Review)

London based all female rock band HAWXX return with the adrenaline pumped “The Lie”. The quartet are for head banging, feminism and heavy rock. With the band scattered across Greece, Bahrain, England and Wales, they all found each other in Earlsfield, South London. Coating themselves in a thick metal lace, the heavy rock sound they… Continue reading HAWXX – The Lie (Review)

2018 Singles

Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

An electric influence of Blues, Grunge, and Alternative rock music is secured with GoLoud Records band Far Suns Fall. They released their first single "Shape of the World" from debut album “Aphelion” (due for release in April) back in November. With the debut album still to be released, the band are generating a strong fan base. Combining all their… Continue reading Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Alarm the Captain – I Know You’ll Get Hurt (Review)

I was so proud when I got this submission to review Alarm the Captain’s album through my emails because they’re from Israel and found my blog, the power of the internet is extraordinary. The band formed in 2014 and have been trying to get a good following around the world. The band are hoping to relocate… Continue reading Alarm the Captain – I Know You’ll Get Hurt (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Crosslight – Road to Recovery (Review)

Distorted guitars, harsh bass lines and drum patterns, Crosslight's music is full of angst. The band formed in early 2016 and have already toured around the UK. As well as playing shows, the band have spent a lot of time in the studio recording their debut album "Road to Recovery."  The album was released on the 6th… Continue reading Crosslight – Road to Recovery (Review)

2018 Singles, Live Reviews

Meme Detroit & Institutes live at The Night Owl, Birmingham – 5th May 2018 (Review)

I went to see Meme Detroit with support from Institutes live on the 5th May at the Night Owl. I know both bands personally so it was nice to go and do a feature on both. Institutes brought their theatrical side out with the theme tune of the Avengers signalling their first track. Gareth’s vocals were… Continue reading Meme Detroit & Institutes live at The Night Owl, Birmingham – 5th May 2018 (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Million Empire – Visceral (EP Review)

Million Empire have been on the circuit for about 10 years now and the band have really gotten their names across around the West Midlands music scene. With their new EP "Visceral" due for release on 30th March, Visceral is their 3rd EP to date. With influences heavily from the 90's alternative rock scene, you can hear the… Continue reading Million Empire – Visceral (EP Review)

2017 Albums

Dan James Griffin – 4AM (Review)

Knowing Dan personally as we're friends and study HND music at Kidderminster College, I may be a little bit biased with what I say... but I'm not just saying this... if you haven't heard Dan's music, you haven't lived. Dan James Griffin is an extended range guitarist (8 strings!) who composes music in a complex… Continue reading Dan James Griffin – 4AM (Review)