2020 Singles

Tunnel – Walking The Vine (Review)

Taken of their upcoming album due April 10th, “Walking The Vine” captures the darkness that comes with our own struggles. An experimental wonder that needs to be heard if you’re fans of Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Klaus to name a few. Bringing you up to speed, Tunnel are a progressive rock duo from Montreal. Creating… Continue reading Tunnel – Walking The Vine (Review)

2019 Singles

Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

Experimental rockers Dog Drive Mantis return with a vibrant new string to their repertoire. Entitled “Volta”, the instrumental number showcases the Toronto based quartet simply in their natural habitat. Flowing freely with great ease, the track was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse. Wacky and innovative, the tune features elements of jazz fusion mixed… Continue reading Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

2019 Singles

DELANILA – Time Slips Away (Review)

New experimental rock project DELANILA aka Danielle Schwob draws attention to the world’s technology side in debut track “Time Slips Away”. Demonstrating society’s obsession with talking through screens and not to actual faces, the sinister presence is frightening purely because the message is true. Bringing you up to speed, Danielle has built a successful reputation… Continue reading DELANILA – Time Slips Away (Review)

2019 Singles


LA songwriter, producer and activist ANIIML returns with her new single and innovative video “HANDLE ME”. Written as an ode to most of her friends, the single draws a powerful message to it’s core about questioning why it’s becoming so hard for a relationship/someone to handle ‘you’. Avant garde but holding onto a pop arrangement,… Continue reading ANIIML – HANDLE ME (Review)

2019 Albums

Kundabuffa – Kundabuffa is Dead (Review)

2019 has been an eventful year to say the least for the jazz fusion band Kundabuffa. With 5 releases under their sleeves, the band have called it a day. Sad but leaving fans with a mark on their hearts, there’s not many bands out there who will make you turn your head and stick their… Continue reading Kundabuffa – Kundabuffa is Dead (Review)

2019 Singles

blankface – Lost in Your Eyes (Review)

Rising Welsh producer blackface returns with his third single “Lost in Your Eyes”. As the second single from his upcoming mixtape ‘Somewhere I Doubt You’ll Find”, the new track is a delicate hip hop instrumental that will groove you into tomorrow. Enhancing a romantic feel to the arrangement, the number fuses piano and percussive samples… Continue reading blankface – Lost in Your Eyes (Review)

2019 Singles

blankface – Bonzai Trees (Review)

Welsh electronic producer ‘blankface’ returns with the second single “Bonzai Trees”. Influenced by hip hop rhythms and trip hop flavourings, there’s an atmosphere created that’s similar to Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Taken off the upcoming album, that will be out next month, the experimental groove within the track is simply breathtaking. Inspired by keeping a… Continue reading blankface – Bonzai Trees (Review)

2019 Singles

Intaya – Guaguancó (Review)

Introducing Intaya. Consisting of two members, Venezuelan born Pao Pestana meets London’s Dom Martin to create an identifiable sound. Here with their debut single “Guaguancó”, this is an artist who’s career will blossom into a beautiful rose quickly. Sticking to her roots, there’s a refreshing London vibe to the debut track. Co produced by Oli… Continue reading Intaya – Guaguancó (Review)

2019 Singles

Pilhouse – Hurt You (Review)

Indie rock band Pilhouse were formed by four music tech students in London. As a collective, they haven’t been together for that long, but have already released their debut EP demo back in December. Here with their official debut single, “Hurt You” secures the band within an experimental genre. It’s not 100% indie, but it’s… Continue reading Pilhouse – Hurt You (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Crosslight – Road to Recovery (Review)

Distorted guitars, harsh bass lines and drum patterns, Crosslight's music is full of angst. The band formed in early 2016 and have already toured around the UK. As well as playing shows, the band have spent a lot of time in the studio recording their debut album "Road to Recovery."  The album was released on the 6th… Continue reading Crosslight – Road to Recovery (Review)