Rob Challis – 3AM Tears (Single Review)

With inspirations taken from Ella Henderson, Adele and Sam Smith, Rob Challis has been causing quite a stir with his honest music. Having supported artists such as Quill & Bev Bevan, and playing numerous festivals, Rob’s journey so far has constantly progressed and he’s still just at the beginning. His latest single; “3am Tears” was released over a month ago and the reception it’s had is fantastic, as it should. 

3am Tears deals with the struggle of a failed relationship. Heartbreak is felt throughout the song and heartstrings are seriously pulled to create sympathy for Rob. The one word that I can describe this song has to be REAL. We all go through it in someway, and heartbreak is not pretty. Pulling yourself together and reassuring yourself is the only way you can get through it, and in Rob’s case, he wrote a song to deal with it. It just so happens that the song is beautiful. The simplicity of the rhythm and melody is captivating and really draws you in. As Rob’s pleads his way through the song while playing piano and singing, the other instruments really brings the song a fresh light. In the darkest of times, we always find the light, it may sound cheesy but it’s true and for Rob, his light is his music. The song is loose and the bareness of it really draws attention to the band. The moodiness of the song is oozing emotions everywhere, in the lyrics, guitars, drums, piano, literally everything. Knowing Rob personally, I have to say that he seriously lives for this stuff and there’s nothing else on this planet that makes him happier than writing songs. His honesty and belief in things will enchant you along his journey. Keep your eye on Rob as he will be releasing his debut EP very soon. In the meantime, go listen to his previous single Enjoy Your Joywhich is about a traumatic experience Rob personally went through.

With the clock ticking so fast before we know it, we’ve been listening to this song on repeat until 3am… 

Score: 4/5

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