2019 Singles

Colour of the Jungle – Steel Tray (Review)

UK garage rock outfit Colour of the Jungle return with the highly anticipated ‘Steel Tray’. Captivating songwriting and a high level of energy, the quintet bring a raw yet polished sound to the atmosphere. Being the first single since heir debut EP The Jungle Book, the track narrates pushing through the hard times when feeling… Continue reading Colour of the Jungle – Steel Tray (Review)

2019 Singles

Southbank Crows – Sw9th (Review)

Previous MoggBlog artist, Southbank Crows return with their brand new single “Sw9th”. With only 2 years under their sleeves as a band, they’ve already reached a successful level as a band. Categorising them as an alternative pop/rock band, the London based collective have already reached over 100,000 streams with their music. Looking to be their… Continue reading Southbank Crows – Sw9th (Review)

2019 Singles

Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

Fronted by singer-songwriter Tiger Finkel and backed by The Homertons; Dario Ferriera (lead guitar), Celia Kleindienst (piano and vocals) and Fabio Gentilin (bass), the acoustic based collective are here to captivate you with their way of telling a smooth story. “Somewhere Else” is a journey of freedom. Having the space to be free, there’s a… Continue reading Tiger & The Homertons – Somewhere Else (Review)

2019 Singles

Jillian Steele – No Expectations (Review)

Indie-pop singer songwriter Jillian Steele resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Bringing her own story to modern pop, she brings energetic melodies to life in new single “No Expectations”. Inspired by Maggie Rogers and Julia Michaels to name a couple, I can definitely hear a young Tori Kelly in Jillian’s aura. Co-written by Michel Heyaca and James… Continue reading Jillian Steele – No Expectations (Review)

2019 Singles

Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)

Manchester based rock collective Dalmas are back with their latest single “In Too Deep”. It dropped on the 14th of June and has already received major praise from big names in the music industry. Collecting their stadium rock sound over time, the 90’s fused track compliments the band in a new light. With a wide… Continue reading Dalmas – In Too Deep (Review)

2019 Singles

IRIS – Wait (Review)

Previously featured artist on MoggBlog, IRIS is back with the infectious “Wait”. After the huge success of her first single “Crazy”, IRIS visits a love song for the summer ahead. Still channelling her pop essence, the New Jersey artist pens her songwriting with a rollercoaster of emotions. At MoggBlog, we already know that IRIS is one… Continue reading IRIS – Wait (Review)

2019 Singles

krissy – Sweet Boy (Review)

Emerging singer songwriter krissy resides in Brooklyn, New York. Back with her second release of 2019, “Sweet Boy” is the first single from her upcoming EP ‘bodyqueen’ due for release next month. There’s certain tracks that really make draw me in with their infectious sound when accepting submissions and this was definitely one.  As a… Continue reading krissy – Sweet Boy (Review)

2018 Singles

Bridesmen – The Overwhelm (Review)

Kenton Chen aka Bridesmen is an R&B singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. Encouraging others to believe in what they choose to believe in, Chen’s message within his music is utterly mesmerising. Known for his work with Postmodern Jukebox, Scary Pockets and NBC’s Sing-Off, Bridesmen sees Chen in his natural habitat. “The Overwhelm” was released… Continue reading Bridesmen – The Overwhelm (Review)

2019 Singles

Soft Streak – Reasonable Lie (Review)

Experimental electro-pop outfit Soft Streak dropped their latest single "Reasonable Lie” last month. Tori Schachne and Colton Toy of Soft Streak are based in Los Angeles and were brought together by their similar music taste at college. Combining their musical influences from classical and jazz backgrounds, it’s safe to say the duo have very diverse… Continue reading Soft Streak – Reasonable Lie (Review)

2019 Singles

Adaline – Part of You (Review)

Canadian born now LA based Adaline returns with the exceptional alt-pop number “Part of You”. Dropped today worldwide, the new single takes a romantic leap towards being a part of someone and having one another soul’s connected. The way that Adaline portrays this within the track is breathtaking. It’s no surprise that Adaline’s previous work… Continue reading Adaline – Part of You (Review)