Soft Streak – Reasonable Lie (Review)

Experimental electro-pop outfit Soft Streak dropped their latest single “Reasonable Lie” last month. Tori Schachne and Colton Toy of Soft Streak are based in Los Angeles and were brought together by their similar music taste at college. Combining their musical influences from classical and jazz backgrounds, it’s safe to say the duo have very diverse influences. Creating a lab filled with infectious music, Reasonable Lie has been sitting comfortably on my playlist ever since it dropped.

Featuring muted guitars and a rhythmically wonderful arrangement, the warm vocal tones compliment the vibe of the song perfectly. Lyrically, the song takes us through a story of a relationship that’s causing more problems then it should, causing both of them to lie to one another. It’s never truly stated if the track is about the duo themselves which makes it personal but not TOO personal. The duo stated that the concept of the track was inspired by reality TV shows and how people are so absorbed in what they see/hear. They have a point and it’s one that many people are oblivious too. Musically, the track is fairly simple but the killer production brings it all together to create this fascinating powerhouse. 

Score: 4/5


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