Adaline – Part of You (Review)

Canadian born now LA based Adaline returns with the exceptional alt-pop number “Part of You”. Dropped today worldwide, the new single takes a romantic leap towards being a part of someone and having one another soul’s connected. The way that Adaline portrays this within the track is breathtaking. It’s no surprise that Adaline’s previous work has been featured on hit shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, 90210 and Lost Girl to name a few.

Buried within it’s arrangement, the vulnerability of the single is tense but somewhat comforting. Relatable and completely human, it tells a story of being tied to another person. Lyrically, it’s fairly dark, but the uplifting pop production is coated in a dreamy reverb that fills the space. Spacious and ethereal, the lyric “tell me what you want to do, cause I’m a part of you” proves the fear of letting go even when it might be time. A strong single that’s actually the first one I’ve heard from Adaline and it won’t be the last.

Score: 3.5/5


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