Bridesmen – The Overwhelm (Review)

Kenton Chen aka Bridesmen is an R&B singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. Encouraging others to believe in what they choose to believe in, Chen’s message within his music is utterly mesmerising. Known for his work with Postmodern Jukebox, Scary Pockets and NBC’s Sing-Off, Bridesmen sees Chen in his natural habitat. “The Overwhelm” was released back in 2018, but the music video dropped only last month. 

Exploring the darker side of human nature, there’s a sinister presence within the track and even the music video. Visuals include two dancers narrating the song through movements. Absolutely stunning to watch and gorgeous to listen too. It has the whole package. Musically, it’s a battle of emotions. A perfect adaption of what it feels like to have negative thoughts take over your body. “Swallow it down, before it consumes me” is powerful and captures anxiety/depression down to a tee. As a sufferer myself, this song is relatable and describes how it feels to be isolated. Make sure to stick with Kenton Chen on his journey within Bridesmen, you’ll be captivated I promise!

Score: 4/5


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