krissy – Sweet Boy (Review)

Emerging singer songwriter krissy resides in Brooklyn, New York. Back with her second release of 2019, “Sweet Boy” is the first single from her upcoming EP ‘bodyqueen’ due for release next month. There’s certain tracks that really make draw me in with their infectious sound when accepting submissions and this was definitely one. 

As a track, there’s piles of attitude within the arrangement of Sweet Boy. Coated with a slick amount of soul, the spacious structure of the number is filled with lots of reverb. Lyrically, the track tells the story of Krissy’s lust for a boy she’s spotted in a crowd at a sold out show, and the infatuation behind it is mesmerising. I love how she’s turned the tables with making it feel like the desire from the boy will be the end of her. It’s dark but actually quite relatable in the way of feeling attracted to someone. Overall, it’s alternative sound is truly inspiring. Flavoured with an electronic element as well as a rocked up arrangement, it’s pouring with versatility. 

Score: 4/5


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