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Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

Stanley Duke from Lost Dawn returns with a brand new project - Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits. Theatrical and psychedelic, the collective fuse rock and roll with a pop twist. Their first single “Collagen” dropped July 26th and has been proving that this new concept for Stanley is capturing his true vision.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unVKRqN6KKc Delivering… Continue reading Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

2019 Singles

The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo (Review)

Captivating quartet The Brookes hail from Grimsby. Delivering a vibrant, electrifying set through studio quality, they return with “Spaceship Rodeo”. The youngster showcase a refreshing 70’s sound merged with the indie music scene that the world is currently in. For youngsters, their level of maturity illustrates their progression. Putting heart and soul into every performance,… Continue reading The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo (Review)

2019 Singles

Dear Monday – Somebody (Review)

Newly formed pop rock band Dear Monday are based in Cambridge. Vocalist Jamie Wiltshire isn’t a stranger to MoggBlog as his other Alternative band Standing Like Statues received a feature not long ago. With a refreshing sound, Dear Monday are here to show that they’re here to stay. For a debut single, ‘Somebody’ compliments the… Continue reading Dear Monday – Somebody (Review)

2019 Singles

Raised on TV – Soul on Fire (Review)

Los Angeles based alt rock outfit Raised on TV are back with new single “Soul on Fire”. Comprised of two brothers and their high school friend, the trio fuse a high level of melodic rock with an indie-esque nature. Narrating the feeling of rediscovering one’s self in the middle of the digital age, there's a… Continue reading Raised on TV – Soul on Fire (Review)

2019 Singles

Baby Husband – What’s Wrong (Review)

Indie rock quintet Baby Husband draw influence from The XX and Wolf Alice. As a collective, the band haven’t been together for long. In the short amount of time, they’ve been an outfit, they’ve played many venues across London and even Scotland. Back with new single “What’s Wrong”, which was produced by Chris Kimsey (The… Continue reading Baby Husband – What’s Wrong (Review)

2019 Singles

KOSMONAUTS – Lady Lovesick (Review)

Manchester based quartet KOSMONAUTS are currently signed to 'These Bloody Thieves'. Back with their second single of 2019, the stellar singles are being released like rockets into the sky. Infectious with it’s energy, the new single “Lady Lovesick” tells the story of a girl who wants the idea of living in the honeymoon period all… Continue reading KOSMONAUTS – Lady Lovesick (Review)

2019 Singles

Marble Tides – Little Lies (Review)

Marble Tides are a collective from Bournemouth combining a cinematic soundscape of Indie Rock and Alternative Rock to create their original vision. Known for being a band that match their live shows with studio quality, their sound is described as a blend of 'The Smiths meets The Editors’.  With a blooming contract of thick layers… Continue reading Marble Tides – Little Lies (Review)

2019 Singles

Pompadour – Oh, Honey! (Review)

Bristol based trio Pompadour have just dropped their second single “Oh, Honey!”. Available to purchase and on all streaming platforms, the single is the follow up to “Violet”. Founded in January 2018, the band are proving that you don’t have to be together for long to release killer music. Quickly generating a fanbase and playing shows… Continue reading Pompadour – Oh, Honey! (Review)

2019 Singles

SUNGLO – Elevator Belle (Review)

It’s like Sonic Youth had a love child with the Pixies and created SUNGLO. Manchester based quartet are back with the infectious “Elevator Belle.” 2018 saw the release of their debut single “I Don’t Mind”, which took Manchester by storm with Sunglo’s defying “happy filth” sound, which is probably the best way to describe them… Continue reading SUNGLO – Elevator Belle (Review)

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Brion Starr – The Heart is a Loaded Gun (Review)

Based in New York City, music has been a saviour for Brion Starr in many ways. Taking some time over in the UK to record his album at Konk Studios in London, he’s about to drop the killer indie track “The Heart is a Loaded Gun”. Brian has a similar vibe to the bizarre world… Continue reading Brion Starr – The Heart is a Loaded Gun (Review)