2020 Singles

Ollie Trevers – #I.K.Y.K (Review)

Essex based singer-songwriter Ollie Trevers started writing and performing music from 14 years of age and cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to be an artist. Inspired by blues and psychedelic rock, his music is for fans of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and even Pink Floyd. Released March 27th, Ollie’s latest single #IKYK is a… Continue reading Ollie Trevers – #I.K.Y.K (Review)

2020 Singles

The Arosa – In Chemicals (Review)

Birmingham based alt-pop collective The Arosa are proving to fans across the country that they’re ones to watch. Combining a true British flair with swagger in their discography, their sound could be described as Britpop meets Madchester. Back with their first single of 2020, ‘In Chemicals’ shimmers straight into the mix with a powerful vocal… Continue reading The Arosa – In Chemicals (Review)

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Flashhearts – At Last (Review)

Recorded in February 2019 but released November 1st of 2019, “At Last” is the latest offering from trio Flashhearts. Consisting of Gaz Greenhalgh (Vocals and Guitar), Scott Edwards (Bass) and Andy Nicklin (Drums), the band formed in Autumn 2016. Produced and engineered by James Rabone at Electric Mistress Studios in Lye, the EP was mixed… Continue reading Flashhearts – At Last (Review)

2019 Singles

Bright Orange Spectacle – I Struggle To Communicate (Review)

North London based pop rock outfit Bright Orange Spectacle are back with their second single to date ‘I Struggle To Communicate’. Released via their own What About Records on December 6th, 2019 has been a huge year for the collective. With their debut single “She Could Do Better” storming onto the scene and making the… Continue reading Bright Orange Spectacle – I Struggle To Communicate (Review)

2019 EPs

Pompadour – Cut to the Chase (Review)

Bristol based indie rock Pompadour debut their first EP “Cut to the Chase”. Released November 15th, the EP features 5 original tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Cory at Bath Spa recording studios. Mixing their own distinctive sound of gritty style, melodic indie rock, the release has been appealing to listeners all across the… Continue reading Pompadour – Cut to the Chase (Review)

2019 Singles

SLATER – I Don’t Mind (Review)

Armed with a brand new hard-hitting style to indie rock’n’roll, SLATER reside in London. Known for killer songwriting and energetic live shows, their latest single sounds like the lovechild of Led Zeppelin and Catfish and the Bottlemen. Using their own originality throughout 'I Don't Mind', you’l see why guitarist Harry Slater has been hailed as… Continue reading SLATER – I Don’t Mind (Review)

2019 Singles

The Trusted – Wild Love (Review)

Released November 8th via The Orchard, The Trusted return with their new single “Wild Love”. Southend-on-Sea based, The Trusted are a distinguished quartet formed in mid-2016. Focusing on diversity and casting a range of emotions in their sound, the band set their goal to make listeners feel the raw emotions that radiate throughout their tracks. Having built an incredible reputation with their past… Continue reading The Trusted – Wild Love (Review)

2019 Singles

Catholic Action – One Of Us (Review)

First emerged back in 2016, Catholic Action have been climbing up the ladder to success ever since. Returning back with their first single of 2019, “One Of Us” is taken off their upcoming release “Celebrated by Strangers” which promises to be far more focused. Finding it’s way throughout the number, the fuzzed out new single… Continue reading Catholic Action – One Of Us (Review)

2019 Singles

Puppet Theory – Katia (Review)

Released September 13th, “Katia” is the latest offering from Manchester based quartet Puppet Theory. With a natural flair of indie rock and pop-punk in their roots, the energetic band are known for their live performance and infectious choruses. Bringing their own take on today’s indie rock scene, the fresh nature of the band pores with… Continue reading Puppet Theory – Katia (Review)