The Ghibertins – 20149 – Milano

Milan based indie rock outfit The Ghibertins are back with latest anthem ‘20149 – Milano’ via Mob Sound Records. Oozing with twists and turns throughout the release, its the distinctive guitar tones that steal the show. ‘20149 – Milano’ is the first single from The Ghibertins’ forthcoming album ‘The Life & Death of Joh Doe’, due for release in 2022.

Talking about the single, Alessio explains, “while the band was working on the album, I went on a solo trip to Guangzhou, China. After a couple of weeks, I began to develop a certain sense of alienation. One evening I wanted to find the feelings I needed to feel in order to write the track that represents the fall of the main character, so I took a piece of paper, a pen and rushed through the streets of Taojin. Drink and drink again! This was the goal. Why 20149 – Milano? The next day I found on my piece of paper, 20149 written obsessively over and over again. 20149; my home zip code.”

Armed with an unforgettable vocal from frontman Alessio Hofmann, the overall personality of ‘20149 – Milano’ is uplifting, free-spirited and able to instantly grab your attention. I, for one, am truly excited for the upcoming album!

You can follow The Ghibertins on their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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