Sirocco – Be My Saturday

Indie-rock band Sirocco are back with personality-driven new single ‘Be My Saturday’. A powerful attire that gives insight into, what could be, Sirocco’s strongest year to date, this explosive number features overdriven guitars and distinctive vocals.

Turning attention to the story behind the song, Sirocco reveal, “There’s the typical love story there; boy meets girl at a party. The girl is mad for him but it takes him a while to realise as he’s too hooked up on getting drunk with his mates. But really there’s more to the boy than what meets the eye…”

Expanding on this, Sirocco explain, “When he’s alone he really feels the pressure of what’s going on around him. Social media makes him feel like he’s not good enough, or that he doesn’t meet the ‘expectation’ and anxiety really kicks in when he goes to social events, pushing him to feel like he needs to get drunk and high to forget about it all. This is mentioned at the start of the song – ‘you don’t let off any sign of fear, when you’re off the scale and you found yourself here, you’ve got a crowd, you don’t see it, you’ve got an itch, you don’t feel it’ – as he numbs the pain that he hides from everyone else.”

“Be My Saturday” will especially be loved by fans of Oasis and Stereophonics, and comes across as a burst of energy that the music scene needs right about now.

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