The Velvet Hands – Fallout

The Velvet Hands are the type of band you encounter that instantly steal your attention. From their distinctive indie songwriting, rockstar image to their polished production, this quartet have the whole package. Released last year, ‘Fallout‘ is a charming single that refuses to be told what to do. Bathed in a garage rock arrangement, mixed with iconic indie guitar motifs, ‘Fallout’ requires a stadium of fans singing the words at the top of their lungs.

Talking about the track, The Velvet Hands state, “Fallout’ is written about the vampires that appear to just stumble into your life the moment you have the slightest hint of success in the London music scene. Uber cool boys and girls that are here to tell you just what you’re doing wrong, and how to change it, with no previous knowledge on the subject. It’s usually in a pub, normally because they’re a bit bored with their own lives, but they’re always, ALWAYS, wearing sunglasses.”

Sitting comfortably at 13,400 streams on Spotify alone, this outstanding track will strut into your life and never leave.

You can follow The Velvet Hands on their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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