The Bartells – 1972

Shropshire based outfit The Bartells are back their electrifying new single, ‘1972‘ – a fine rock song that will have you singing away to its addictive lyrics in no time. Following in the footsteps of successful debut EP ‘Standing on the Edge’ which received support all across the globe, ‘1972’ looks to exceed any expectations you may already have. Written and recorded at Liverpool’s iconic Motor Musician during the pandemic, this feels like one of the only positives to come out of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Talking about the release, The Bartells mention, “The song explores the memory of a son meeting his father for the first time, and how he makes a decision that will stay with them both for the rest of their days. From the first line ‘It was the summer 1972, when I was told that I met you,’ unravels a story of anger and heartache. Constantly asking questions without getting a reply, the song builds using call and response that develops into a full cry for answers. The melody follows the son on his quest to find out the truth as he screams “if love was the sun – was it too hot to stay.”

Bursting with energy from the get go, ‘1972’ is an exhilarating single that needs to be played loud. Stick this on your playlist and I’m sure it’ll stay there forevermore.

You can follow The Bartells on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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