2019 Singles

Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

Twin brothers Amistat return with the warming folk number “Love & Light”. Born in Germany but raised in Italy, the European brothers blended their roots with their new adventure of moving to Australia. Creating a fanbase across the globe, their sound is filled with pure honesty and a beautiful atmosphere of harmonies. The new single… Continue reading Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

2019 Singles

Kuri – The Great Orator (Review)

Taken off the recently released debut album “No Village”, “The Great Orator” stuck out to me with it’s purity. Kuri’s angelic vocals hint how intense feelings of danger, adventure and even a newfound identity can really be. Scott Currie of Kuri began writing under the name in 2017. With influences such as Radiohead and Robert… Continue reading Kuri – The Great Orator (Review)

2019 Singles

Lucy & La Mer – Blue Dress (Review)

LA based indie project, Lucy LaForge aka Lucy & La Mer is known for her angelic, bright melodies. She will be releasing a new EP called “I Feel Better Now” this year, which will be followed by a summer tour in the US and a fall tour in Europe/UK. Back with “Blue Dress”, the single… Continue reading Lucy & La Mer – Blue Dress (Review)

2019 Albums

Sam Wickens – All I’ve Seen (Review)

Northern Ireland based Sam Wickens makes music purely for the soul. As a mesmersing solo performer, Sam’s been turning heads for quite a few years now. Compared to fellow male solo artists such as Paolo Nutini, Jeff Buckley and John Martyn, Sam blends a perfect balance of soul, folk and even electronic together. Back in… Continue reading Sam Wickens – All I’ve Seen (Review)

2019 Singles

Tadhg Daly – Hit the Ground (Review)

Jersey born and bred, indie pop artist Tadhg Daly is back with the heart warming “Hit the Ground”. Due for release tomorrow, the empowering number is definitely a track that will make you weak at the knees with it’s message. With already a few milestones achieved; Tadhg has supported James Blunt and The Hoosiers, the… Continue reading Tadhg Daly – Hit the Ground (Review)

2019 Singles

Papaphone ft Poppy Fardell – Through the Fields of Wheat (Review)

Singer songwriter, Russell Perkins who goes under the stage name of Papaphone compliments the acoustic world perfectly. With appearing on Talk Sport & playing at festivals such as Glastonbury, it’s always great to hear artists getting the recognition that they deserve. Believing that music should be about feelings and beliefs instead of what you look… Continue reading Papaphone ft Poppy Fardell – Through the Fields of Wheat (Review)

2019 Singles

Ellis Thomas – Summer Rain (Review)

Here we meet singer-songwriter Ellis Thomas from Porthcawl, South Wales. He’s released his debut single today, how exciting! For a debut track, you need something that’s going to be a wonderful introductory to your music and showcases your ability. Ellis Thomas’ ‘Summer Rain’ glows within the folk genre and completely pulls at your heart-strings. The track… Continue reading Ellis Thomas – Summer Rain (Review)

2019 Albums

Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

After finding long-awaited fame from a viral video of Pharrell Williams listening to her debut track “Alaska”, Maggie Rogers dropped her debut album on Friday. "Heard It In A Past Life" features 5 tracks that have already been released as either promo’s or on her debut EP “Now That The Light is Fading.” With 7… Continue reading Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

A music project created by Brad Hunter, Tiger Bay, as he had so many new musical ideas that he didn’t feel were being fulfilled in his path at the time. Part of the Cardiff’s music scene, you could say his latest release “Sesh. Love. Sun. Style” is a concept EP, each song showcases each element. "I wrote this E.P… Continue reading Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

2018 Singles

Restless Youth – My Medicine (Review)

The third studio release from Theo, known as Restless Youth, is the personal track “My Medicine”. From Glastonbury in the UK, Theo began to write songs at the young age of 13 after being inspired by the history of reggae and artists such as the Marley family. Theo describes his songs as “protest music”, I… Continue reading Restless Youth – My Medicine (Review)