Andrew Adkins – Vagabond Shoes

Andrew Adkins releases new pandemic inspired single ‘Vagabond Shoes’. Released September 4th, the track was inspired by COVID-19 and written, recorded and produced in his home studio in East Nashville while in quarantine. “Back in March much of Nashville was ravaged by a devastating tornado. We were in the throes of that when coronavirus hit only a couple of weeks later.” Adkins says. “I went into quarantine and just felt defeated and scared, like most of us did. The song basically fell into my lap. I think the uplifting vibe of the tune was fitting as a way to soothe and distract from the current situation.”

‘Vagabond Shoes’ is taken from Andrew’s forthcoming album ‘The Echoist’, and gives an insight to an adventurous release ahead. Coated with folk, blues and psychedelic rock sensibilities, it’s Andrew’s iconic vocals that make this track even more special.


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