Michael Jones – Melts Away

Award-winning singer-songwriter Michael Jones unleashes passionate single ‘Melts Away.’ Clear evidence of his lyrical skill, Michael’s known for being a published poet. Taken from his forthcoming EP ‘American Poet Part II’, ‘Melts Away’ is a sincere release with the power to give you goosebumps from it’s genuine nature.

On the track’s release, Michael stated, “Melts Away is a song that challenges the overplayed notion that relationships are only “real” if one gives up all of themselves to the other person. This is a song about holding onto what is sacred and personal at the deepest human level. It’s about the core of you that makes you “you”, being the deepest source of each person’s unique magic. It is advice of an unconventional sort, that holds to the foundation of a firm and private self as the temple from which the ability to love another emanates.”

“Melts Away” is available now on all major platforms, and comes in a time where we need comfort more than ever.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaeljonesmusician
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/michaeljonesofficial/
Website: https://americanpoetmusic.com

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