Nicky Jaques – Inside Out

Released at the beginning of March, Nicky Jaques shares angelic EP, “Inside Out“. A 4 track release that combines folk, jazz, experimental and classical elements, ‘Inside Out’ is an EP that’s entirely original. Exploring personal themes from Nicky herself, the EP also dives into the world’s thoughts as well, making it entirely relatable.

Sharing her thoughts on the EP, Nicky mentioned, “I was exploring my own difficulties with mental health and what I turn to when I am feeling stuck in a rut, confused or conflicted. Some of the main hooks I used lyrically became positive mantras that I felt drawn to in times when I was feeling disconnected, distant or overwhelmed.

The main theme which runs through the project is around waking up from a blurry hazy existence and also opening up and sharing. I am naturally quite shy and self-conscious so the whole project was about challenging myself to stand taller and face things that challenged me head on.”

“Inside Out” is something to hold tight to your chest during the last, hopefully, hurdle of the UK’s lockdown, and feels like a positive mantra for any dark days you may still be feeling.

You can follow Nicky on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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