Eli Gauden – Nameless Things

Eli Gauden’s latest release is poetic and fuelled with originality. A soft lullaby as such, ‘Nameless Things’ has a hint of Americana to it’s core that’s surrounded by reverberated guitar lines & vocals, and a vibrant indie soundscape filled with elegance. With the idea of releasing the song on her birthday and only a few weeks before the big day, Eli decided to record the track in her bedroom over night. Giving the track a sort of lo-fi vibe, ‘Nameless Things’ is completely raw and shimmers with beauty.

Telling the story of leaving someone you love, Eli says, “I purposely recorded the vocals when I was sad and had been crying quite a bit. I wanted the sound of my stuffed nose, the broken voice, and feeling of heartbreak to come through.”

“Nameless Things” is easily up there with the rest of Eli’s discography, and showcases that this artist is all about creating delicate music with an intimate nature.

Eli Gauden can be found on her Website, Facebook & Instagram.

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