Lisa Akuah – Bubbles

Modern folk songstress Lisa Akuah releases her second single to date ‘Bubbles‘. Recorded at Berlin’s ‘The Famous Gold Watch Studios” with Universal artist and composer Cameron James Laing, “Bubbles” is a track that will open peoples eyes with it’s honesty. A track that questions reality, Lisa cited, ‘Bubbles’ is a critical observation of people who live on a thin layer of a soapy surface and who can‘t accept the harsh truths of reality. They stand in a bubble that is threatening to burst at any moment, causing them to slip into the coldness of the real world with nothing they can hold on to.”

“Bubbles” is an Americana track with tinges of folk-pop within it’s mix. Out now, the delicate number showcases Lisa’s individual voice. A voice that you won’t get tired of hearing everyday, Lisa Akuah’s songwriting is exceptional, and should be up there with the greats.


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