Tom West – Can You Hear The Birds Calling?

Australian based singer-songwriter Tom West has been on my radar for quite a while ever since he teamed up with Demi Marriner and Robbie Cavanagh for a live version of his track ‘Antarctica’. Returning with stunningly authentic single ‘Can You Hear The Birds Calling?’, the intricate number channels the likes of Neil Young while still being completely original.

Talking about the single, West explains, “this song arose from a moment where I was watching one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. The sun was shining and the birds were calling at the same time. Like most of the rest of the album it’s drawn from, I wrote it and started arranging it in the box as I went, rather than resolving the words and form of the song first and then building up from there.

Tom West’s distinctive vocals soar lightly over the delicate production with confidence. “Can You Hear The Birds Calling?” is a remarkable single that’s richly emotive and cinematic in places. Released via AntiFragile Music, Tom West’s latest single is angelic.

You can follow Tom West on Facebook, Instagram and on his Website.

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