Roisin O’Hagan – Us

Singer-songwriter Roisin O’Hagan returns with new number ‘Us‘. Released October 9th, Roisin stated that, “Us is a song born out of the lessons learned through the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown. It champions the notion that, despite the suffering, hopelessness and disenchantment with life caused by the pandemic, we can turn to the things that are most important in life including family and friendship; ultimately, we realise “when nothing’s left then all that’s left is us”.

Having been following Roisin’s career for a while, it’s brilliant to hear she’s getting the recognition she truly deserves. ‘Us’ is a powerful track armed with an ear-worm chorus and uplifting instrumentation. Heart-felt songwriting comes naturally to this songwriter, and each release always lives up to expectations.

Remember the name Roisin O’Hagan… she’ll have her name in lights someday soon, that’s for sure.


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