Daisy Chute – Maiden, Mother Crone

Easily one of the most beautiful voices I have ever come across, Daisy Chute’s new EP is a heartfelt offering that’s an absolute pleasure to listen to. Recorded at Grand Chapel Studios with an all-female band and producer, the EP touches upon themes of women’s safety, ageism, maternity, grief, inspiration, and connection with our past and future selves. The four-track EP has a strong feminist theme throughout that feels entirely relatable.

Women” is an emotive listen. For all those people that have ever felt unsafe walking home, this song walks upon that familiar ground and is a hard, but important listen. Daisy’s delicate vocals weave freely around the diverse chord progression and kicks off the EP effortlessly. “Mother” was released for Mother’s Day and celebrates motherhood yet also mourns the relationships some people never experience with theirs. The title track ‘Maiden, Mother Crone’ takes listeners on a thoughtful journey through discovery and identity. The vocals on this one are commanding and keep your gaze. The third single ‘Spirit of the Singers’ celebrates female singers and writers that have inspired its co-writers, Daisy Chute and Hannah Brine.

Spirit of the Singers references female artists we grew up listening to and from which we found inspiration – artists like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and many more – sadly we couldn’t fit all of them in! It’s about how their music and voices echo through the next generations of singer-songwriters, paving the way for all of us. It’s about standing on the shoulders of these greats and trying to continue their legacy and hopefully inspiring the next generation too.’ – Daisy Chute

A truly fascinating listen from start to finish.

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