Conflict Choir – Versions: Live at Park Studios

Sometimes you come across an outfit that just have everything sussed. Conflict Choir are exactly that band. Poised with unforgettable music, a gripping image and personality, Conflict Choir have the whole package. Led by Birmingham based artist Ali Clinton, the reimagined ‘Versions‘ is spine-tingling good. An EP that Ali released last year, “Versions” now has a fresh face and a fierce band behind it. Ali played all the instruments and wrote all the arrangements during his solo venture, and now Conflict Choir’s visual EP introducers that this project is entirely collaborative.

Filmed by Sam Rutter at SPR Productions, each video has a different vibe to it’s attire, showcasing how diverse Conflict Choir truly are. All tracks were recorded live straight to recording with no overdubs, making it a true live performance. Mixed and Mastered by fellow musician Thomas Atlas at Hybrid Sound Studios, “Versions” is to be released on streaming platforms very soon with commentary from the band explaining the process.

“Versions” is basically a cover of a cover built on true musicianship. All tracks are revamped to tailor Conflict Choir’s unique style and each song is an experience in itself.

From the ethereal rhythm on “Message in a Bottle” to the melancholic soundscape of “A Forest”, the last track on the release is one of the best versions of The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows that I’ve ever heard.

You can follow Conflict Choir at Facebook & Instagram.

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