Nuns of The Tundra – The World’s Gone Crazy and So Have I

Bristol based alternative rock quartet Nuns of The Tundra release highly anticipated new EP, ‘The World’s Gone Crazy and So Have I’. Originally from Worcestershire, the outfit have had numerous lines up over the years but are now at their strongest with Troy Tittley (vocals, guitar), Daniel Goode (guitar), Finn Fraser King (drums) and Tom Benson (bass). After entering a BBC Introducing Live competition to record at the legendary London based Kore Studios and winning the contest, Nuns of the Tundra recorded a 3-track EP that’s destined to rock your world.

Leading single ‘C’est La Vie’ is quick to the point and a fast-paced number that refuses to be left for dead. Quickly becoming the most relatable number of the EP, the lyrics reflect how we’re all currently feeling in lockdown, with isolation hanging over our heads. Recorded entirely as a full band in live-takes at the studios, the thunderous EP is raw yet still polished all in the right places.

Sharing their thoughts on the leading single and overall process, the outfit state, “We feel immensely lucky to have been given this opportunity, and we put our heart and soul into making the record as good as it can possibly be. C’est La Vie was written with first impressions in mind; it’s quick and to the point, it’s unexpected, it’s got a poppy chorus, and has lyrics that are passionate and relatable. We want this to be people’s first taste of Nuns, and we really hope you enjoy what we came up with.

Get Nuns of The Tundra on your radar – they’re going to huge.

You can follow the impressive band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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