MURMAN – Achilles

Emerging duo MURMAN are back with brand new single, ‘Achilles‘. As their first release of the year, the vibrant single is showcases that 2021 could well be their strongest year to date. “Achilles” is bathed in an infectious bassline, pulsating percussion and electrifying guitar melodies – creating a performance drowning in talent. Maintaining an upbeat persona throughout, MURMAN are clearly stating there’s no slowing down on their agenda anytime soon.

Speaking of their new release, drummer Abbi says: “we stumbled across an interesting bass line and it took off from there, we wanted to create something fun, writing quite playful lyrics and adding in a heavier breakdown to mix things up. It’s one of our favourite songs to play live.”

Armed with a retro infused music video that will transport you back to yesteryear, the vibrant visuals are like something straight out of a blockbuster. Speaking on the music video, the band added, “we’ve always liked the idea of using old movies in our videos to provide a story arch, and seeing as restrictions have meant that we’re unable to film together in person, we had to get more creative and improvise.”

You can follow MURMAN over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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