Artio – Queen Cobra

Alternative rock outfit Artio are a band that deserve to be in everyone’s music collection. Previous MoggBlog artists, Artio have been on my radar for a while, and have never let me down, if anything, they keep exceeding expectations. Artio’s brand new single ‘Queen Cobra’ has been described as an anthem for the underestimated and outcasts.

Explaining their thoughts on the release, Artio state, “Queen Cobra is about becoming what those b*tches say you are, but in the way, they’d spit their dummy out about. Everyone likes to call you a snake when you move on and cut toxic friends off and thrive, but snakes are actually really cool. Everyone paints snakes as these evil animals, but they’re a top predator, no one gets in the way of the snake, so I’ll just become the queen cobra.”

A foot-stomping number that doesn’t have a care in the world, this rebellious track is filled with teenage-angst, something that we hope will forever be in our lives, even in adulthood.

You can follow Artio on Facebook and Instagram.

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