Abnorm – Everything Temporary

Alternative rock quintet Abnorm release new single, ‘Everything Temporary‘, and it will certainly find a permanent place in your life. Their second single to date is adventurous and equipped with fierce rock elements which easily makes it their strongest track to date.

Lead vocalist Abbie states, “Everything Temporary is the unwanted feeling that you can’t shake when you know that something just won’t last. Whether that be in a relationship that’s about to finish or a building that will one day be demolished. It’s about feeling despair from the unfortunate things that the world is throwing our way. Everything Temporary is about expressing how angry and frustrated you feel about being rendered helpless. I hope it helps you get your frustrations out too.”

Entering with a jiving, electronic drum beat and a modulated guitar melody, ‘Everything Temporary’ is entirely captivating and showcases a glistening future lies ahead for this exciting outfit. As for the vocal melody? Try getting this out of your head!

You can follow Abnorm over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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