2019 Singles

Surge – Colours (Review)

It’s been two months since Surge released their latest single “Colours” and it’s already received wide recognition from their fans all around the country. Comprising of George King (vocals/guitar), Alan Jones (guitar), Will Smith (bass/synth) and Billy Fenton (drums), the quartet bring a wide range of shades of indie through their music. Melodically wonderful, the… Continue reading Surge – Colours (Review)

2019 Singles

Francis – Fade Away (Review)

Consisting of singer-songwriter Alex Wesley and an ever changing collection of musicians that create the music, Francis is a Milton Keynes based collective. Born in Milton Keynes, Alex began playing music at the age of 4 with learning the piano before comfortable landing on the guitar as well. Influences include Foo Fighters and Coldplay, “Fade… Continue reading Francis – Fade Away (Review)

2019 EPs

SUNGLO – Are You Happy? (Review)

Previous MoggBlog stars SUNGLO summit the air with their fierce take on grunge fuzz. Here with their debut EP “Are You Happy?”, the EP was released a week ago today. Already circulating recognition, the Manchester based fuzz rockers uplift the aura with an psychedelic grunge fusion.  "Rainpour" takes to the stage as the EP’s opener.… Continue reading SUNGLO – Are You Happy? (Review)

2019 Singles

Christian French – Hungover Sunday (Review)

Rising alt-popstar Christian French returns with Tom Misch influenced single “Hungover Sunday”. Over the past two years, the songwriter has developed a strong dedicated fanbase. With a solid 1.5million monthly listeners and over 100million streams over streaming sites, it’s safe to say the singer is aiming for the stars. Self taught from the beginning, Christian’s… Continue reading Christian French – Hungover Sunday (Review)

2019 Singles

VICTORS – I’ve Been Missing You (Review)

Based in Leeds, VICTORS return with the captivating “I’ve Been Missing You”. Landing on June 7th, the single has been causing quite a stir online and has already hit 10,000 streams online. Featuring up and coming artists Pippa, the indie pop number is one to make you become a fan in no time.  "I’ve Been Missing… Continue reading VICTORS – I’ve Been Missing You (Review)

2019 EPs

TV Coma – Body Negativity (Review)

Combining a force of Weezer mixed with Blur, the musical adventure that is TV Coma are here with their debut release “Body Negativity”. Involving six tracks of a wonderful journey of emotions, the 'in your face’ indie punk nature of the band will make you fall head over heels for them. The quartet are currently… Continue reading TV Coma – Body Negativity (Review)

2019 Singles

Sunstreets – What’s Out There (Review)

Pop rock outfit Sunstreets are glowing avenues with their new single “What’s Out There”. Released May 31st, the track has already been a great fit for the band’s repetoire. With a bright future of upcoming gigs and radio play, it’s no wonder the Southampton based collective are soon to become the next big thing for… Continue reading Sunstreets – What’s Out There (Review)

2019 Singles

Pilhouse – Hurt You (Review)

Indie rock band Pilhouse were formed by four music tech students in London. As a collective, they haven’t been together for that long, but have already released their debut EP demo back in December. Here with their official debut single, “Hurt You” secures the band within an experimental genre. It’s not 100% indie, but it’s… Continue reading Pilhouse – Hurt You (Review)

2019 Albums

T8PES – T8PES (Review)

T8PES is no stranger to MoggBlog after I reviewed his single “Hope & Pray” back in March of this year. Now returning with his first full feature length, the Birmingham based artist is causing a movement within the area. Mixing an alternative take on electronica but flavoured with a good dose of hip hop, Jimmy… Continue reading T8PES – T8PES (Review)

2019 Singles

Sam Valdez – Turn (Review)

  Los Angeles singer songwriter Sam Valdez is back with the most vibrant track I’ve heard in a while. Featuring ethereal vocals and a glistening charm, “Turn” resonates perfectly within the indie shoegaze category. With hints of Americana in Sam’s vocals, the new release holds a stunning atmosphere over our heads.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWsSqMKhhgI Deep and meaningful… Continue reading Sam Valdez – Turn (Review)