Molars – Ducking Punches (Review)

Nottingham based trio Molars identify their sound as midwest emo. Starting the year off right, the band are back with new single “Ducking Punches”. 2018 saw the release of their exhilarating debut EP “Tight, But Not Groundbreaking” which has caused quite a stir in the pop-punk world. Their latest single features a more melodic take on emo and pop punk.

Vocals have a soft twang that highlights the lyrics perfectly. Usually vocals in the pop punk category can get lost in the music and not be identified, but Chris (vocalist/guitarist) keeps a strong momentum throughout the track. Hard hitting and colourful, the track is vibrant and melodically is wonderful. There feels like a math rock element in this song, it feels a lot more complex than ordinary emo/pop punk. It’s fair to say the band are tight and have truly mastered their genre. If you’re a fan of Taking Back Sunday, American Football and State Champs then you’ll love this powerhouse trio.

Score: 3/5


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