Izzy Thomas – Trouble (Review)

London’s Rock’n’Roll star Izzy Thomas has arrived to the studio recording world. With the release of her debut single “Trouble” back in February, Izzy has been marking her territory in live shows for quite some time. Taking her attitude and highlighting it in the self-worth new single, she is here to stay. Empowering girl power, the passionate songwriter encourages people to simply get up and fight for what they believe in. Powerful rock is lacking slightly in today’s music but Izzy’s raw attitude is gripping me in with every listen. And they say Rock is dead? Yeah right…

Aggressive, infected with a dose of a modernised PJ Harvey, “Trouble” feeds off it’s ancestors. Standing up for women, it’s a song that everyone will love and can relate to in a way. Stating that if things don’t change (in whatever situation it may be), Izzy will simply cause ‘trouble’. Showcasing different elements of music, there’s a bit of alt pop and hip hop thrown in the mix that gives the track that fresh sound it needed. Not frightened to hold back, Izzy’s grit filled vocals are infectious and can’t be avoided. Overall, a passionate track that will sit lovely on my playlist for years to come.

Score: 4/5




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