Alarm the Captain – I Know You’ll Get Hurt (Review)

I was so proud when I got this submission to review Alarm the Captain’s album through my emails because they’re from Israel and found my blog, the power of the internet is extraordinary. The band formed in 2014 and have been trying to get a good following around the world. The band are hoping to relocate to London and like I said before, they’re currently based in Israel. Having already got a debut EP under their sleeves, they’re ready for round 2 but with a debut album.

“And Now She’s Here” is soothing but at the same time slightly scary. The melodic riff that the guitars play starts quite dark, but towards the end of the melodic riff, it’s reassured to sounding a lot more happier. It’s a song that leaves you unsure what the sound of the album ahead is going to be like. As for someone who hasn’t heard AtC’s music before, I have no idea what I have in store with listening to the album as of yet, but from this first track, it sounds like things are leading to get heavier… and with that guitars start roaring in taking us into track 2.

The next track “Almost Without” is simply put as loud and slightly hardcore . You’ve got the rapid guitar tones and the chugging vibes from the guitar that automatically makes you know that this is situated within nu-metal. You’ve also got screaming vocals in the background which you really can’t ignore. It’s not personally the music I’d listen too anymore and the programmed drums fill this over 5 minute long song with triggers that I feel make the song not have a real essence to it. The song’s good don’t get me wrong, and the sample at the end of the track is super cool, but it’s not my personal preference to listen too.

The title track of the 8 track album is “I Know You’ll Get Hurt.” It’s another heavy track that has some interesting lyrics to say the least. “Don’t ever let go, I know the best for me, I know you’ll get hurt, I’m the revenge of the Sith” is in my opinion meant to be took seriously as that’s the tone that the vocals are giving off. Shouting at someone usually indicates that you’re angry and want your voice to be heard, so hearing the singer sing about what I can only think of being a star wars reference is quite strange, but I like it. I really like the guitar fills in the Alarm the Captain’s music, they seem to have really cool arrangements of their songs. The song ends with a big guitar breakdown that’s drowned in Pantera elements. 

“I’m Not Dunne (L.I.A.T)” is a lot more of a pop orientated arrangement and the melody that the vocals sing are a lot more memorable than the songs that we’ve heard on the album so far. Alarm the Captain situate their style of music in “Alternative” and that’s probably safe to say because we’ve heard many styles in their music so far. This song feels a bit rushed and the arrangement doesn’t really build up to something, it stays the same throughout apart from when it gets louder. Hearing a song get louder doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s built up and it’s at it’s peak, it feels that the track was rushed to get to the end in some ways which is a shame cause it’s a nice tune. 

Beginning with a lovely guitar tone soaked in reverb, “Sometimes the Truth Don’t Rhyme” reminds me of a Jeff Buckley tone but slightly more warmer. Personally, I feel the beginning is ruined with the big entrance from the metal instruments. We’re going back to the 2nd and 3rd tracks that don’t really have an answer for what’s being questioned; “Why smother something that doesn’t need any work?” I feel the song’s are good, but the arrangements are trying to be something that the song is simply not. They’re trying a bit too hard. It’s like having thousands of parts and just putting them together. Some of the parts in this track are killer though, the guitar tones are simply lovely and loud. 

“Keep You Numb” sounds like a letter being read out loud and it’s captivating. It’s safe to say the least that the band are quite versatile and experimental with their music which is wonderful to hear them go down many avenues. This is the shortest track on the album at 1:07 and it’s possibly my favourite of the whole catalogue because it’s so different to everything else. The writer seems to be in love with whoever he’s reading too and simply ends the track with “I adore you.” It’s heartwarming and sounds like something you’d hear in a dark, independent romantic film. I like a lot. 

“Bruised” sounds not as heavy as the other songs on the album. It feels a lot more pop-punk orientated with a few math rock elements thrown in too. I really like the instrumental work on this track. Emotionally, I can’t really relate to this song as I’m unsure what the singer is singing about. I tried reading the lyrics on their website and you can hardly see it because of the artwork on that cover. Saying that, you can tell that the singer for instance is either in a time of his life where he’s having problems or he’s in pain right now and the only way he can get his point across is writing it into a song, now THAT I can relate too. 

“Eight Months (Bonus Track)” has previously been released before on their debut demo but this is a stripped down version of the track and it’s such a lovely way to end the album with an acoustic song. We’ve heard a lot of powerful, loud music, so hearing something that’s a lot more settling compliments the bed nicely. I’d love to hear more of this side from the band. The song is just under 2 minutes, it’s short and sweet but a great ending. 

Favourite Tracks: And Now She’s Here, I’m Not Dunne (L.I.A.T), Keep You Numb, Eight Months (Bonus Track)
Score: 6/10

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