Audrey – EP (Review)

Playing in and around Hull, as Audrey, the original rock and roll band are destined to be stars. The band started off as a jam between the songwriter and drummer, then before they knew it, a 4 piece band were in the pipelines. They promise to hold an energetic and engaging live set up and you can purely hear that in their studio work too. Released only last Saturday (20th October), the hugely anticipated EP is strong, with them completely selling out their EP launch too.

The powerhouse that is “See the Light” enters sounding like a pure, live session recorded while the band were in their element of just jamming together. They create a contrast of classic rock influences such as Tom Petty & The Rolling Stones, which highlights strongly with this track. Vocal screams from the singer are portrayed in a way that you can hear every emotion he’s singing. As for the song subject, it’s never really put down onto paper what it is. I feel that it’s about something along the lines of trying to get out of something you don’t want to be involved in and seeing the light is a way that you know that everything is going to be ok in the end. 

“She Says” was released as their debut single, and it’s a proper bluesy number. The instrumentation reminds me of ZZ Top mixed with an Oasis 90’s rock song structure. There’s a psychedelic aura going on through this song that takes you through a type of haze. It’s definitely the most catchiest song on the record so far purely because the rhythm is in your face and there’s no escaping it. She Says seems to be about a relationship gone sour and this song is the revenge track. Similar to something that Alanis Morissette did with the whole of Jagged Little Pill…

“Watch Me Go” is more alternative rock than rock n roll. With comparisons to Foo Fighters, this track really showcases how well the band gel together. Everything is neatly put together with the big arrangement. My favourite part has to be when everything slowly fades away and we’re left with a guitar squeal into a lovely, slow solo. The solo is covered with a subtle fuzz and a quick delay after. As the solo gradually goes on, the song starts building again. A roaring scream from the lead vocalist exclaims that the section has come to an end and the real breakdown evolves. The 5:04 minute song comes to an end with a face melting solo… Lovely work.

“Glad to Be” is a completely different approach to their music and was not what I was expecting their last song to be like. It surprised me that much that it’s actually become my favourite track off the EP. Versatility shines through this song as it’s folky feel tells us a story of love. Audrey have really captured the essence that the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin did with their live shows… they’d rock it up for a bit, then halfway through, would strip down their songs and make an acoustic set. It’s a real clever thing to do as you get two different kinds of people, who like different types of music listening to your music. As a whole, I’m really glad to have reviewed this EP because of it being so pure. You can literally feel every emotion.

Favourite Tracks: See the Light, She Says, Glad to Be
Score: 7/10

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