Warriors of the Dystotheque – I Know You’ll Never Die (Review)

Released on the 12th October, Warriors of the Dystotheque make their anticipated return after released their debut album Madness In The Method” in January. Want to hear something completely bizarre? Some of the band haven’t actually met before or been in the same studio at the same time. They’re known as being an online project and it’s crazy because you’d think… how the hell is that going to work? Well, they have proved us wrong. The 5 piece band are located in New York, UK/Ireland and France. Bonkers. Founding members Jonny and Sean claimed they sort of formed the band in 2001 while studying Music Production in Coventry. The two spent a lot of their time back then on tour with bands such as The Happy Mondays, and then swiftly into 2014, WotD became known. Twins Mike & Jack joined and send over their parts via the power of social media. As for the new EP, it features new collaborators such as Adam Leonard from Invaderband.

From the get go, the production of the EP draws me in straight away.  The title track “I Know You’ll Never Die is a track that you definitely won’t get tired of hearing and that’s good as there’s two other remixes of the track on the 4 track EP, making every track bar one to be this tune but revamped in a way. This drew my attention straight away when I saw the track listing and actually made me think “wait, is this a mistake?” I’m counting the first one as the original and the vocals remind me of Neil Tennant’s tone but with the rhythmical power of Jim Morrison.

The second track is, well the same name but this is the “Sascha Dive’s Crosstown Dub” version. It’s definitely more upbeat and reminds me of the club music you’d get in a 90’s underground dub club. This 6 minute remix by Sascha Dive feels like it doesn’t really escalate to anywhere and as of yet, I definitely prefer the original. I must say though, getting Sascha Dive to remix one of your tracks must be such an accomplishment, the guy is a big name in the house world. What I really like about the song is the meaning behind it. It’s very philosophical to say the least. Alan Leonard quoted that it means “A Victorian séance brings forth vision of dangerous waters in this meditation on Purgatory. Some souls can never die.” Some people don’t agree with this but I just love hearing what people’s views are and this really interested me.

Next up is actually a different song. “International Earth Station” is a mixture of electronic and trip hop. The vocals strangely enough remind me of the Manchester band “The Stone Roses” singer Ian Brown and the subject is something that he’d sing about too. The song is about how in the 60’s/70’s, astronauts went to the moon and the furthest astronauts go now is the international space station. The band have a point because we don’t really send anyone into space anymore, we just send gadgets, and where’s the fun in that. Overall, the track is fun and makes your head dance.

To end off an eccentric EP is “I Know You’ll Never Die – Willam Fakenamé Remix.” This remix feels a lot more modern compared to the other track. I could definitely hear this being played in a mainstream nightclub and people would love it. Makes me think that maybe they got two different remixes to be liked by two different cliques, if so, that’s very clever. In my opinion, this version relates to the actual subject of the track more. The production towards the end sounds very demonic and scary like, making the subject of the song become even more real. It’s an uneasy part of the song, but a really different way to end an EP… leaving the audience slightly scared.

The best way I can narrow Warriors of the Dystotheque would be… think The Doors, Pet Shop Boys, The Chemical Brothers, Portishead & Massive Attack in one band and you get the band. They draw so many really versatile influences into their music and I love how they’re getting the recognition that they truly deserve.

Favourite Tracks: I Know You’ll Never Die (1), International Earth Station, I Know You’ll Never Die – Willam Fakenamé Remix
Score: 7/10



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