2019 Singles

edbl ft Kofi Stone – I’ll Wait (Review)

London-based R&B/Hip-Hop produced edbl returned back in October with the infectious “I’ll Wait” featuring Kofi Stone. Following the success of his first three singles which gained support from BBC Introducing London, Amazing Radio and extra, the artist has collected over 200k streams over streaming sites. As the final single from his debut EP, the fourth… Continue reading edbl ft Kofi Stone – I’ll Wait (Review)

2019 Singles

The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

Manchester based septet The Horse Puppets blend an ambient soundscape while holding onto their blues roots in “Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)”. Coating the blues arrangement in an indie atmosphere, The Horse Puppets mix a whole ray of instruments throughout different styles to create their own distinctive sound. There’s a country twang… Continue reading The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

2019 Singles

IRIS – Stars (Review)

LA based singer-songwriter IRIS is the pop sensation that just keeps on giving. Lifting expectations higher and higher, the artist has had continual support from MoggBlog since her debut single “Crazy”. Returning to ignite the night sky with a clear shine, “Stars” tells the story of when you truly love someone it never really stops.… Continue reading IRIS – Stars (Review)

2019 Singles

Sophie Frear – Little Monsters (Review)

Emerging Cambridge based singer-songwriter Sophie Frear returns with her second single to date. Titled “Little Monsters”, the track will certainly get the singer the recognition she truly deserves. After the success from her debut "Beautiful Disaster", the highly anticipated single certainly lives up to expectations. Vulnerable, the track deals with the difficulties of overcoming self-doubt… Continue reading Sophie Frear – Little Monsters (Review)

2019 Singles

Miranda Joan – Happy to Have You (Review)

Born in Montréal, raised in Vancouver but now based in New York City, Miranda Joan blends a wide sense of cultures into her own style. Being brought up with a love for soul music and it’s many sub-genres, her sound is best described as floating around soul and pop. In the middle of releasing a… Continue reading Miranda Joan – Happy to Have You (Review)

2019 Albums

Ash Walker – Aquamarine (Review)

London based multi-instrumentalist Ash Walker returns with his third career instalment, the enchanting album “Aquamarine”. Released July 19th via Night Times Stories, the tranquil nature of the album feels like you’re floating on a calm sea in a boat filled of happiness. With a back catalogue of strong contenders, the colourful new release keeps a… Continue reading Ash Walker – Aquamarine (Review)

2019 Singles

Samuel Jack – Feels Like Summer (Review)

Returning with the summer hit “Feels Like Summer”, Samuel Jack is here to set the summer on fire with this feel good track. It’s been a fantastic number of years for the artist with getting recognition at festivals such as Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party. With sharing stages with Passenger and Jack Savoretti, I’m really… Continue reading Samuel Jack – Feels Like Summer (Review)

2019 EPs

Johari Noelle – Things You Can’t Say Out Loud (Review)

Born in Chicago, singer songwriter Johari Noelle breathes honesty throughout her music discography. Brought up in the music industry with a musical dad, the songbird has a biting vocal range that will leave you breathless. In 2015, Noelle joined the series Chasing Destiny in which she was mentored by Kelly Rowland. Fast forward a few… Continue reading Johari Noelle – Things You Can’t Say Out Loud (Review)

2019 Singles

BK Andersen – Sinking Canoe (Review)

Danish artist BK Andersen currently resides in Berlin. Here with his first release of 2019, he returns with the soulful ballad “Sinking Canoe”. With a subtle nod towards soul acts Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei, BK has a vibe that mixes those two with Hozier’s tone. It holds a warming glow from the start straight… Continue reading BK Andersen – Sinking Canoe (Review)