Peak Futures ft Joe Bernie – Orion

Soul collective Peak Futures return with their sophomore singles, ‘Orion‘ featuring vocalist Joe Bernie. Following the success of their debut single, ‘Tapestry’, this fun-loving six piece consists of Chris Hills (bassist and guitarist), Sara De Santis (piano), Joe Bernie (vocals), Pauli the PSM (drums), Eva Brooks (backing vocals), and Rebecca Freckleton (backing vocals). The latest offering is an exciting new insight into future releases from Peak Futures, and another stand out moment in their discography to date. The group came together when Chris returned to London from New York, when he bumped into Sara and Joe.

Reminiscing on this encounter, Chris shares, I had a bunch of ideas that they just transformed into living, breathing songs as soon as we started working together. Once we got demos down I knew that bringing in Pauli and Tom on drums would add  another dimension.” Adding about the overall theme of an upcoming album, Chris add’s, “The theme of the whole album is mainly about gaining self-understanding through a journey to unfamiliar spaces, be they physical, mental or cultural. The wider album threads a path that criss-crosses from the  stellar to the earthly and back, touching on both the richness and  detail of the everyday as well as the cosmic scale of the  universe.”

“Orion” is just under 5 minutes long and is bathed in a bewitching rhythm section and rich instrumentation. Impactful and a sonic experience through different dimensions, the journey from start to finish is best described as mesmerising. As for Joe Bernie’s incredible vocals… what a range! This is a must listen.

You can follow Peak Futures on Instagram.

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