Dickey Doo & Jamecia Bennett – Do What You Want

Straight from Soul Heaven, Dickey Doo teams up with Jamecia Bennett for sensational release ‘Do What You Want’. A five track release that includes different renditions and mixes of the soulful track, ‘Do What You Want’ was released via Hypernatural Recordings. DJ Dickey Doo is known in the house world as a legendary figure with a global reputation, and Jamecia is known for being a powerhouse vocalist.

Jamecia is an artist with many musical goals, and one of them includes being honest when it comes to making music. Representing the pain of love and relationships in an unpredictable modern world, this addictive track is fuelled with sass and independence. Armed with a remix from Danny Kotz and recently featured MoggBlog artist Bobby Starrr, there’s something for everyone within the five tracks.

Obviously, “Do What You Want” but I highly recommend you stick this release on repeat, it’s THAT good.

You can follow Dickey Doo on Facebook and Instagram, and Jamecia Bennett on Instagram.

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