San Pedro Collective – Time

San Pedro Collective, aka Manchester legends, are a collective that create innovative music straight from the soul. There’s something about having a song called ‘Time‘ that instantly makes it a classic… look at Pink Floyd as another example. Released at the end of January via Blindside Records, there’s something about ‘Time’ that absorbs you into it’s arrangement with each listen.

Guitarist and bassist Keith Higgins had this to say about the single, “Time was a song that came about during lockdown by sending little vids of ideas back and forth. Jud sent me his guitar riff and the bass felt like it wrote itself. Quite a chilled sound by our standards. Maybe a product of too much lockdown lounging around! Then, as things started to open up again in summer, Jas came in and sprinkled her magical ethereal vocals on it. And that was it nailed, on her very first rehearsal with us.”

A track that seemed to have written itself in a short time, “Time” is simply effortless.

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