Nuria – All We Dreamed

Tasmanian born Nuria continues down the road to success with breathtaking new release, ‘All We Dreamed’. Following in the footsteps of her debut album, released back in 2020, the soulful ballad speaks volumes about Nuria’s personal experiences.

Elaborating on the inspiration behind the beautifully arranged ‘All We Dreamed’, Nuria explains, “All we dreamed’ charts the evolution of love, and how in the chaos of everyday life we can lose sight of the fact that perhaps all we have is all we dreamed of. This passionate, ballad of love brings focus from the mundane, onto what is beautiful and to be cherished.”

Armed with a hypnotic rhythm that feels light as a feather in places but still making a clear, bold statement, ‘All We Dreamed” is best described as effortless. A true delight to listen to, Nuria’s enchanting nature will steal your concentration and leave you speechless.

You can find Nuria over on Facebook & Instagram.

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