Arliston – South

Written while on tour in Canada, โ€˜Southโ€™ is Arlistonโ€™s latest creation. Combining beautifully textured music to spice up their soundscape, Arliston create alternative pop with layers of experimental in the mix too. Coated with an 80โ€™s nostalgic presence, โ€˜Southโ€™ features a hazy arrangement contrasting between the warm vocal tone and the darker side to the trackโ€™s meaning. 

Jack explains โ€˜I nearly died! It sounds ridiculous, but I managed to get Shingles whilst out in Canada and had to be rushed to A&E when our plane landed, to stop it from turning into full blown Encephalitis. So about 90% of this song was written whilst I was in the foothills of the illness. But I think it paid off!โ€™

Lyrically, the song channels themes of destruction, and more in depth, the butterfly effect. How one little thing can build up into something far worse. Jack also added, โ€˜Itโ€™s really about the question; at what point is there too much layered scar tissue to keep moving forward in a relationship?โ€™

A stunning soundscape that sounds like itโ€™s come from the heavens.ย 

Score: 3.5/5


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