Deleo – Unfair

Featuring a haunting soundscape, Deleo’s ‘Unfair’ is a hybrid of pop, rock, electronic, progressive and experimental. Adding all these sounds together to create their distinctive sound, Deleo are based in France and their latest single ‘Unfair’ is a great way to discover their music, just like me. Produced by James Sanger, the overall soundscape carries you on it’s shoulder and guides you through realms of melodies. 

On the release, Deleo stated, “It’s a ballad, maybe our most subtly mutant song, one you can curl up in and sail away, as smooth as Black’s ‘Wonderful Life’ blended with Garbage and Archive.”

Ethereal to say the least, the irresistible sound of Deleo dives into an industrial arrangement while uplifting a contemporary modern day pop twist. It’s hard to categorise this band and why would you want too. Distinctive and with layers of originality, Unfair is an exceptional release fuelled with stand out moments. 

Score: 4/5


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